How To Make $100 Per Day

I have received a lot of emails in the past week from beginning bloggers and web site owners saying that they are having a hard time making any money with Adsense so I’d like to write about how you can all make money, and show that there are more ways to make money than just Adsense.  Since starting my personal blog I have gotten a renewed energy to go all out to see how much money I can make online and I saw that pay off yesterday. With very little effort “yesterday”, here is what one of my sites did:

I am not showing this from an egotistical point of view, but instead to try to help you make money too and to have you learn from my mistakes so you can make even more money. Looking back, these Adsense earnings came with very little work “yesterday”. YESTERDAY is the key word here… because it took a ton of work in the months leading up to yesterday.

What Type Of Work Did I Do?

The work I have been doing includes hours and hours of:

  • Research - This includes reading and researching everything I can get my hands on.
  • Testing - This includes taking hours to test and play with every idea (no matter how stupid sounding) I have.
  • Networking - This includes building a close network of online friends with whom I can share ideas and get and give feedback on projects.
  • Designing - This includes designing web sites.  I am seriously the least web design and tech savvy person you know so creating a site and tweaking it takes me hours on end but I keep at it. If I can’t figure something out after hours of trying, I am very lucky to have friends who are willing to help out. Nate Whitehill is one friend who has offered a lot of excellent advice on site functionality.

Yesterday was not my biggest earning day but I still consider it a break through day because things seemed to click on a couple of my sites and the adsense numbers added up with little work. That stems from all the hours of hard work and late nights in the past 6 months.  Is $100 worth all the hours of work? No! But $116 from adsense, $100 from affiliate sales, $100 from product sales, and $25 from PPC everyday sure are worth it! That’s over $126k per year.

Let’s All Make Money!

I’d love for nothing more than for all my readers to make money and tell me about it. If you have questions, ask me in the comment section. I’ll try to answer all of them and other readers can also offer answers. Starting right now set a goal for how much you’d like to earn per day and go after it. Start with $10 or $20 in a single day. I’d guess that within a week of building up to that day, we can all do it! I’m here to help so if you’re motivated and have a site don’t hesitate to ask.  Also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar for more tips.

** Update: If you like this post, be sure to read about how to turn $100 per day into $300 per day.

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Comment by Jeff Kee
2007-05-02 12:26:23
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$$$ $$$
$$$ $$$


Comment by Jeff Kee
2007-05-02 13:14:29
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F*ck. That comment did not show up as i wanted it to. Wordpress basically gobbled up all the spacing.

it was a smiley face with $$$ signs as eyes. how useless… :(

Comment by Jane
2007-05-02 14:03:22
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I thought you were trying to show how to make money…by frying it in a pan or something :-)

But I can kind of see the face now.

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Comment by Dax Desai
2007-05-04 13:53:09
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I thought it was a begger pan.

Comment by Ed Lau
2007-05-02 13:08:46
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That’s quite impressive for a day. I think the most I’ve ever pulled in a day from Adsense is about $50.

Comment by Philomena Ojikutu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 17:52:43
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Ed, that is cool. My biggest yet day was $32 last month. Jane You are the BOMB! Just keep blazing the trail. Love yu sis.

Comment by Philomena Ojikutu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 17:57:25
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Ed, mine was $32 sometime last month. Jane You are the BOMB! Keep Blazing the trail.

Comment by Wolf Stone
2007-05-02 17:44:55
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Hey Jane,
Thats quite a feat…$100 a day !! Congrats….and good luck !!

Comment by HMTKSteve
2007-05-03 01:18:58
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My record is $150 in a day from AdSense.

Comment by Jason
2007-05-03 02:32:01
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I haven’t even monetized yet. :-)

2007-05-03 09:35:57
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[…] of the sexiest bloggers of 2007, has started her own blog call Jane May Blogs. Her latest post is how to make $100 per day. Is that even enough to live […]

Comment by Josh Buckley
2007-05-03 09:49:28
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Hehe, if only adsense didn’t ban me!

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 10:25:12
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haha…the trick is not to have friends click because they will get you banned :-)

Comment by Tyler Ingram
2007-05-03 10:26:59
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I’ve almost been blogging for a year and my grand total for AdSense is: $13! I’ve also tried things such as Kontera, AdAuction, PayPerPost, AdVolcano etc.

I just took my AdSense off my index page, I just don’t have the traffic to make up for the eCTR I would need to even come remotely close to $100 per day.

That is a great accomplishment and I’m happy to see more people being able to do this.

If I could only find a niche and stick with it, then I might be able to bring in the traffic needed to sustain a decent CTR with AdSense.

But I like to talk about whatever is on my mind. I include things from web development, digital photography, personal news, local news, world news the list goes on and on. I don’t think I could ever really talk about just 1 industry really.

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 10:32:16
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That’s the hard part. You have to look at your goals for your blog and what you want to get out of it. We wanted to focus on something we knew a lot about, Careers and Entrepreneurs. We also wanted to make money doing it.

Once you know what you value more from the blogging experience, focus on that. Sometimes you have to give more in some places to get more in others.

Comment by Tyler Ingram
2007-05-03 10:48:59
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That’s what I have to figure out. What is it a know alot about and that I can talk about and share with others.

I’ve always been kind of the Jack-Of-All-Trades never really specializing in anything.

I would love to take web developement/design and talk about that. Who knows.. I’ll keep looking into it.

Oh btw congrats on the the PR6 for CR :) Nicely done.

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Comment by Meg Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 23:20:45
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I know what you mean.

I’m a Jane-of-all-trades Rennaissance Woman, m’self, with a business built out of projects.

While many of the profitable blogs are specific in scope, there are increasing numbers of independent entrepreneurs that do a bit of several different trades. And, more importantly, like it that way!

I’d like to see my blog make enough in adsense or whatnot to cover itself and maybe my broadband bill, but my main goal is to gather information and be a helpful resource to solopreneurs. Extra super bonus points for the blog bringing in more clients.

I don’t want to bombard readers with annoying ads. I’d rather they be entertained and informed enough to poke around WITHIN my site, than click on an ad and leave.

Meg Meyer

Comment by Greg Stratz
2007-05-03 10:28:42
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Wow nice work.. I am say about 99% les then you a day. Keep kicking ass

2007-05-03 10:39:34
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That is awesome…which one of your sites did you do this with?…I would really like to know…unless I just missed it while reading over it…I would like to look at the format and if you include ads in the post like john.

ps I will be taking sexiest blogger of 2008 home…its in the bag.

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 17:23:21
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the $116 dollar adsense day was with CareerRamblings.com

Comment by Useful Concept Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-03 10:45:50
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I think the key is to have a nice network of quality sites. Adsense works for some sites more than others. Nothing beats experimentation and hard work though as you have seen. Oh, and we share the same open source design template. I did modify mine some. Good taste. :-)

Comment by Rich Minx
2007-05-03 11:07:09
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That’s inspiring. I’m making about 3c a day at the moment, but it’s a new blog. Things can only get better!

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 13:48:16
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Absolutely Rich. That’s about what we were making when we first started too. Keep at it and in a couple months the numbers should really jump!

Comment by Amanda
2007-05-03 11:08:11
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I think you should also tailor things to people who are banned from adsense since the advice is great but what about people like moi?

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 13:49:51
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Great point Amanda. I will write a lot about other monetization methods such as PPC and Affiliate Marketing. In the mean time, you can try other CPC networks like AdBrite, YPN and Bidvertiser. Private message me if you need help with Bidvertiser or AdBrite as I have some experience with those 2 networks.

Comment by Amanda
2007-05-05 08:41:18
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I hate adbrite and bidvertiser I have to say I had the worst experience

I moved to burst and made more money there than I did with either company, they are mainly CPMS but there are a few PPC and I really enjoy it there.

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Comment by gaskin Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-03 11:19:35
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man i’d be happy with $1 a month. Well at lest for a few minutes. I guess i should be installing adsense soon i f i want that dollar.

kudos to sexy bloggers everywhere!

Comment by Make Money Online Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-03 11:24:19
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where does it say how to make $100/day? how much traffic are you getting? what other websites do you have? please explain more.

2007-05-03 12:57:34
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I was thinking the same thing…after i read it again…the title should be “Look I earned a $100 today…you should try to”…lol…but for real it doesn’t really explain how to it just says that you did…more in depth please?

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 13:53:02
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Good point. Other prior posts talk a lot about traffic stats. The $100 per day is made by blending adsense well with the layout and color of your site, choosing blog topics that pay a decent amount per click, and most importantly driving the necessary traffic to convert into clicks. Making $ online is definitely a process, as is fitting all this info into different blog posts. I will address more details very soon. Thanks for commenting!

Comment by Mr. Disgruntled
2007-05-03 12:06:00
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do you expect to repeat your success in future days?

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 13:53:31
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Yes, today is another $100+ day. I will be showing case studies where you can follow along every step of the way very shortly and see where every penny comes from.

2007-05-03 12:31:57
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Quite inspiring article. That would be nice to earn such amount from a blog…

Comment by valet parking
2007-05-03 12:32:39
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congrats to the sexiest blogger. Now can we see the real pictures =)

Comment by James
2007-05-03 12:39:21
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My first question would be what kind of site was it?
Blog? Website? No need to share the niche but I think that the niche can really make a difference in the payout also.

Comment by Jane
2007-05-03 12:52:59
MyAvatars 0.2


It’s a career focus that touches on entrepreneurs and business.

2007-05-03 12:58:50
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Well jane I am very upset you didn’t answer when I asked the same question earlier… :(

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Comment by Steven Aitchison Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-03 13:36:33
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Hi Jane, Congratulations. I am making about $50 per month from adsense but would give up my full time job if I was making $100 per day, this way I could concentrate on being a full time blogger.

Comment by Dan and Jennifer
2007-05-04 12:56:01
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Steve - true, but you’ve set that intention and announced to all your friends, which solidifies it.

I predict you’ll be doing this full time in less than a year.

Have an awesome day!

Comment by egon Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-03 14:45:17
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Congratulations. That’s where I would like to be, but so far I’m only a little over $10/day :( I wish I were an expert in something.

2007-05-03 16:52:19
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How many sites is that $100 from adsense coming from though, see right now I only have the one site and as you can sere on the site, I’m making pretty much nothing from adsense.

Any criticisms????

Thanks for your time Jane.


Comment by Moses Francis
2007-05-03 17:36:54
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Sweet! $$

Comment by digitalfans
2007-05-03 20:39:55
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thanks for the sharing,great job:)

Comment by Nate Whitehill
2007-05-03 22:38:02
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Great article, Jane, and thanks for the link!

Comment by rahul
2007-05-03 23:30:58
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wow 100 $ , me need some motivation from that

Comment by Jane
2007-05-08 07:09:50
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If you don’t have the motivation already, it’s going to be a tad difficult, but not impossible ;-)

Comment by Bob
2007-05-04 03:47:28
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Very nice, I had to look twice to even find the ads. quite impressive :)

Comment by asha
2007-05-04 05:21:04
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Is the income only from this blog or some other sites combined? I was just checking your site on for traffic and it says, not enough traffic for the graph. Do you have visitors outside US.

Comment by asha
2007-05-04 05:22:19
MyAvatars 0.2

Is the income only from this blog or some other sites combined? I was just checking your site on compete.com for traffic and it says, not enough traffic for the graph. Do you have visitors outside US.

Comment by Eric
2007-05-04 06:15:49
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Well done Jane, this is very impressive!!!

I am only making USD 15, and that’s A MONTH!!!
Pathetic me!

Comment by Angie
2007-05-04 06:41:03
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I’m not so satisfied with my $600 a month anymore. You’ve motivated me to work a little harder at this.

Comment by Julie Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 08:17:38
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I just found your blog via John Chow. Nice article. You seem very eager to help people do the same. Very rare these days. I can tell I’m going to learn a thing or two from you. :)

Comment by Jane
2007-05-08 07:08:57
MyAvatars 0.2

Anything I can do to help…I’ve had some great help along the way and think it’s only right to share the same with others. Thanks for stoppin by Julie! :-)

Comment by Juan @ Millionster
2007-05-04 09:04:11
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Do you care to share the sites that you are making money from?

One can best learn by example. ^_^

Being that the post was titled “How to make a $100 a day”, I was really hoping for a howto. haha.

Congrats to you btw.


Comment by egon Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 09:11:08
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okay people, she’s already answered this question a few times. The webiste is CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com CareerRamblings.com

Sorry, I just get frustrated at people asking the same question over and over

Comment by Tyler Ingram
2007-05-04 22:12:43
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I was going to say the same thing. She mentions it a few times to people who’ve asked previously.

Though I bet alot of people don’t read all the comments when they are over a certain amount (there is currently 50 comments to this post) and then just post their question anyway.

It makes me wonder how many people skip over blog posts and think they get the jist of it.


Comment by Juan Millon
2007-05-08 00:13:09
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Calm down killer. This is my first time to this blog.

Comment by Jane
2007-05-08 07:07:02
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Comment by sickofsanity
2007-05-04 09:35:13
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Very informative post. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Ana Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 12:17:40
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Jane, well done! Now, how do you know which blog topics pay decently per click? How does one research that?

Comment by Missy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 14:39:52
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Hi—Jane: congrats on your adsense cashola.

I spend alotta time online visiting many blog tip sites and reading, reading, reading, if you take a look at my blog, what is the single best piece of advice (besides add more content) you would give an aspiring $100 dollar-a-day blogger. My blog is less than a month old and the topic is vegetarianism.

They say that with blogs, for alot of folks, affiliate programs do better than adsense, how do you feel about this?

I see you were mentioned on john chows blog, that exposure, no doubt cannot hurt anyones blog. Big feat. Congrats!


2007-05-04 16:30:28
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[…] I have not made $100 per day in Adsense yet. But Jane at janemayblogs.com just achieved her $100 per day milestone. […]

Comment by Sister2brother
2007-05-04 18:05:58
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Well I just have to say that the rest of you shouldn’t get discouraged. I have adsense on my blog. For the first month I didn’t get a check from them. But after the 2nd month I have been getting paid - so its only been about 6 months for me but now that I have had a taste of that income coming in I want more!

Comment by Meg Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-04 23:22:27
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Congrats on breaking the $100 day!

Meg Meyer

Comment by Steven
2007-05-05 03:47:51
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Congrats from Germany :)

Comment by Best CD Rates
2007-05-05 06:14:00
MyAvatars 0.2

nice, i just subscribed to your blog! :)

Comment by Blogged
2007-05-05 19:07:27
MyAvatars 0.2

Learn the art of sharing at Now Why Would I Want To Pay For It

Comment by newopps Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-05 21:17:14
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i haven’t earn any click from Adsense yet…really need learn from you…

Comment by Chris
2007-05-06 22:29:08
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I’m having hard time earning from adsense too.
I got a mere usd11 in 12mths

Comment by AgentSully Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-08 06:26:54
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Congrats! Just curious. What is your feed count and what is your daily visitor stats for careerramblings.com/ site? thanks! Just wondering so I can guage how far I have to go! thx!

2007-05-08 07:14:13
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[…] Blogger Jane May have an interesting article on Earning / Making $100 a day. […]

2007-05-08 08:04:18
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[…] How to Make $100 Per Day - (that’s just her adsense revenue. There’s another $225 per day from other sources too! That’s $118k/year!) by Jane May who has grown a successful blog called Career Ramblings. This article boils down her top secrets. […]

Comment by probloggermom
2007-05-09 07:26:49
MyAvatars 0.2

Just discovered your blog through Paula Mooney’s new list of Blogger Salaries. $100 a day would be a dream! Will add you to my blogroll and be checking in more often!

Comment by Chris Hoyt
2007-05-09 12:19:12
MyAvatars 0.2

Hi Jane!
Congratulations! This is a nice source of encouragement for all of us “newbies” :) I’ll bookmark and be checking in!
Best regards,

2007-05-09 17:19:04
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[…] you head over to Jane May’s Blog (who is also on Paula’s list) she explains how she made $100 bucks in one day using Googles Adsense. So theres plenty of evidence out there that proves people are making money […]

2007-05-10 08:08:06
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[…] 1 week ago I wrote about making $100 per day. Thanks to all your inspirational comments and a small partnership project I am working on with 2 […]

2007-05-11 06:04:47
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Hello Jane!

I stumbled across your blog. It is very motivating.

Right now I earn $10 a day via AdSense - after working for 6 weeks on my latest 2 blog projects. The best day gave me $27.

My first blog project I started almost one year ago took me 1 month to make $13. One very important thing about making (AdSense) money is to practice, practice, practice and to be persistent. Never ever quit!

I highly encourage people to make use of advertising services like AdSense. Right now - I am from Germany - the German blog scene is changing. Blogs like mine are the first ones to really going pro and use services like AdSense to make money via blogging.

It is great to make money from your passion. Best of all is, that ad money keeps the blog content free for every reader! It is win-win in my opinion to use ads, sponsoring etc. This is an issue some bloggers don´t get and I cannot understand why.

Even if you don´t make a living from your blog money it can pay your hosting service. And it really makes a difference whether you own your own dedicated server or not. :)

Regards and goog luck with your blog,


Comment by Khang Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-11 08:59:25
MyAvatars 0.2

The most I earned from Adsense was 10usd/day. and It’s over now. only 1usd/day now.

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